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Across 58 communities in Nigeria, persons and organisations will carry out some environmental exercises simultaneously to mark the 58th Independent celebration of Nigeria.

Taged ‘Green Independence Cleanup (GIC), the environmental exercises that will be staged in different communities across Nigeria to celebrate Nigeria’s independence are: Recycling challenge,  Sanitation exercise, Sensitisation/Advocacy and Green rally.


Initiated by African Clean Up Initiative (ACI), an environmental non governmental organisation, the event will take place on Saturday, 6th October, 2018 to give room for a more active participaon of volunteers. The exercise is designed to arouse a national patrotic spirit towards addressing our environmental challenges, encourage the act of environmental volunteerism and promote good environmental practices.

2017 World Water Development Report by United Nation said in 2012, over 800,000 deaths worldwide were caused by contaminated drinking water, inadequate handwashing facilities and inappropriate sanitation services. ACI is concerned that  more harms will be recorded if we all fold our hands.

“ACI cares to take advantage of Nigeria’s 58th Independence Day celebration to awaken the country’s consciousness to her environmental challenges, promote patriotic volunteerism to cleanliness and joint nation building.

“With our first ever national clean up and sensitization project, GREEN INDEPENDENCE CLEANUP (GIC),  ACI will resuscitate the spirit of unity and team spirit usually seen during the nation’s football play,” said the chief environmental officer of ACI, Alex Akhigbe.


The project manager, Gloria Ikegbule says GIC is going to be an impact and fun driven project in Nigeria geared to compel Nigerians to take personal responsibility towards the environment.

Nigerians – civil servants, government officials, environmental enthusiast, corporate organisations, non-governmental organisation and others are expected to sign up on the project as team leads, volunteers, sponsors and partners on the project.


“This project is designed to foster collaborations among person(s) and organisation(s).  The team leads that indicate interest to carry out the project in their communities  will determine the locations of the communities selected to participate in the project.


“Selection for team leads are person(s) or organisation(s) who are passionate, nation builders, ready to commit his/her time, energy or resources to achieve this humanitarian project and, have the capacity to mobilize and execute any of the determined / chosen exercises to mark the day,” she explained


Interested team lead, partner or sponsor on the GIC project should reach out to us on 08021349281 08066682322 or info.acinigeria