Good Afternoon Highly Esteemed,
The month of July marked a spectacular and eventful time for the African Clean Up Initiative (ACI)
family. With the successful hosting of the African Clean Up Conference and Award in Cape Coast, Ghana,
we added a bright coloured feather to our ACI cap.
The two days conference of 7 th and 8 th July 2017 which was graced by great environmental speakers had
delegates from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and some other African countries identified with it. The event
which also celebrated some persons and organization impacting the environment was organized with
the support of our Ghana country host, Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO). African Clean Up
Conference and Award was endorsed by Let’s Do It World in Estonia and was proudly sponsored by
Access Bank. We also had partners like SMEFUNDS, Passion House, Hans Botel Cottage, Awesome World
Consult and JCI Eko.
Our delegates had a good time in Ghana exploring the serene environment, hospitality and food of the
Ghanaian people. With great thanks to Joshua Amponsem and his team (Green Africa Youth
Organization), our delegates also had a feel of night life in Ghana, and also visited the Ghana beach,
Cape Coast University, Hans Botel Cottage nature reserve, and the Cape Coast slave castle.
Check out the link of our press release for further details:
While enjoying the conference in far away Ghana, incessant rain greeted Nigeria and flood ensured. The
situation was pathetic in most part of Lagos State. And Orisunmibare, a slum community in Apapa Local
government area in Lagos was one of such communities badly affected. The area suffering for lack of
drainage has the waste water ending up in their houses and the environment is no better as it was filled
up with household waste and waste water from the commercial companies behind the community. And
so, the mosquitoes came in their numbers. Worst still, the community also lacks social amenities of
water, convenience, health care facility, good drainage and school.
And so with our ‘BeyondWaste’ community intervention campaign, we swing into action to provide
immediate succor pending on the bigger intervention for the community. However, we are not doing
this social good on our own. Rather we are a platform for well-meaning individuals and organization to
jointly show love to a needy community. Orisunmibare community intervention is stated for the 23 rd of
September, 2017 in the community and is calling up on individuals and organization to support this
We plan to mitigate the impact of the recent flood with: Provision of treated mosquito net, community
fumigation, sanitary pad and sensitization again toilet diseases for the women and young girls, support
kit for the pregnant mothers, free medical check-up and food for the children. To involve everyone in
this community support project, we launched #1k4OneNet campaign that allows interested persons
support the BeyondWaste project in Orisunmibare with atleast N1,000 (one thousand naira) to purchase
net for a family. Check out for further information/ online support: and for offline support or enquires, contact: or 08021349281/08033340972
And in the month of August, Saturday 19 th 2017 we would be celebrating our African Clean Up Initiative
(ACI) Volunteers to a Green Tour at Lekki Conservation Center from 10am – 1pm. We have the great
support of Nigeria Conservation Centre (NCF) to give our volunteers a fun and impact-driven outing at
the nature reserve. Interested to join our ACI volunteers on this Green Tour as well as our other events
do register via: