Press Release


Lagos, Nigeria – October 2, 2017 – The 23 rd of September 2017, will go down history lane for
African Clean UP Initiative (ACI), a non-governmental environmental organization. On this day,
ACI launched her ‘Beyond Waste’ project marching up with actions the organization’s aspiration
to go beyond waste matters to address health and social issues affecting particularly low income
Pregnant mothers, young girls and women as well as children were the main focus of this
community intervention carried out in Orisunmibare, a slum community is Apapa-Igamu local
government area in Lagos.
The event was well attended and ACI with the support of the Apapa-Igamu local government
area, ACI partners and ACI volunteers did to the letter all that they planned to do in reducing the
impact of malaria in the community caused mainly by poor drainage system in the community.
At the mitigation event, there was medical screening and dispensation of drugs to mothers and
children below the ages of 5, Malaria education fostering the promotion of a neat environment
and distribution of treated mosquito nets, pregnancy education and distribution of pregnancy kits
to pregnant women, distribution of indomine noodles to children, knoor cooking cubes and baby
diapers to women with children and hygiene education and distribution of sanitary towel to
young ladies in the community. The young women were taught how to use cloth as sanitary
towel in the absence of fund to buy sanitary pad. There was also fumigation of the community
and 20 selected young men were given skill acquisition on vector control, and also were certified
as vector control trainee to sustain fumigation of the community and to improve their personal
source of living through their acquired skill.
ACI is envisioned of be a veritable tool for individuals and organisations to achieve their
personal and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to low income communities through her
Beyond Waste project. The 6 hours program on the 23 rd of September, 2017 at Orisunmibare was
achieved through the support from our 1k4OneNet campaign and other in kinds supports. The
following are organisations who participated in the project in cash or kind: Apapa-Igamu Local
Government Area, The Nigerian Child Initiative (TNCI), Solace for She & Child Initiative, The
Wellbeing Foundation Africa, Phosgard Fumigants, Ecoprune, Agatha Obiageli Aghedo
Memorial Foundation, Eko & Yaba LEO Club, Recyclepoints, Shola Animashaun Photography,
GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation, Humanity Family Foundation for Peace &
Development (HUFFPED), Hon. Obinna Okenwa Foundation (HOOF), News Agency of Nigeria
(NAN), TVC, NTA,, Environmental Control and Management Association
(ECOMSA), Clean Up Nigeria, Thermal Initiative, Sustyvibes, en-pact, Passion House, ACI
Volunteer, Restructure Africa, SIDDIQAH, TalentEquip, Eco Kids, The Redeemed Christian
Church of God (Abundant Life Parish) and GreenHills Recycling.

This first community intervention in Orisunmibare the Chief Environmental Officer of ACI, Mr.
Alex Akhigbe noted is not one off. There will be further health and social mitigation to improve
the living condition in this community where people practically live on waste. He said: “We are
committed to doing our best with the support of our partners and volunteers to put smiles on the
faces of people living in low income community through our Beyond Waste project while still
addressing environmental issues in such communities.”
At the exercise, about 50 persons each of our targeted audience participated in the Beyond Waste
exercise. And we had a good participation of the political leadership in the Orisunmibare
community as well as had guest from the local government attend the event. The protocols
almost made the event look like a political gathering but inspite of that slight distraction; the
event was a success as it made an indelible impact in the following ways:

  • The issue of malaria was tackled from all sides – did malaria screening, gave drugs,
    distributed treated mosquito nets and fumigated the environment.
  • Sustainability and job creation was simultaneously achieved through the training of 20
    youths in the community on vector control and the positioning of a vector control
    chemical tank by Phosgard Fumigant for continuous fumigation of the community and
    households by the trainee.
  • Ladies were taught how to properly use cloth in pace of pad and how to prevent toilet
    infection in a slum community.
  • Relief materials such as pregnancy kits was given to pregnant women, clothing for babies
    and women was given to community members as well as food items.
  • The community were given entertainment and they had their ward councilor ride on the
    opportunity of the project to identify and bond with them

ACI is open to ideas, collaborations and connections to further the impact of the Beyond Waste
project in low income communities as there is huge room for improvement and impact in
subsequent exercises.
You can reach us on: / 08021349281 / 08066682322