Orisunmibare: ACI Seeks Help for a Slum Community

Lagos, Nigeria – September 15, 2017- Africa Clean Up Initiative (ACI), an environmental non-governmental organization on board her community intervention project, Beyond Waste is soliciting for support for Orisunmibare, a slum community in Apapa Local Government.

Orisunmibare is a low income community situated on heap of waste as a result of residents trying to managing the flooding and poor drainage situation of the community over the years. Ravaged by social and health challenges, the community is experiencing a pitiable living condition. This community is prone to health issues particularly malaria, typhoid, and toilet infection owing to flooding, poor drainage system, improper waste disposal, polluted ground water, lack of conveniences which result to women suffering from toilet infection and most resident doing short put (throwing their human waste behind the house), lack of pipe borne water and health care facilities.

The dirty surrounding of the area is an eye sore. According to the residents, they do not stay outside the house in the evening because of the kind of mosquitoes in the area. In the words of the Baale of Orisunmibare, Alhaji Adebayo Adeola, the community is suffering; facing many social and health challenges which hinder development. “Orisunmibare is suffering. Please help us support ACI to achieve the community interventions intended for the community,” he pleaded.

ACI will on September 23, 2017 start her first mitigation exercise toward her vision to improving the condition of living of the people of the area. The organization is seeking for individual and collective supports through her 1k4OneNet Campaign to provide treated mosquito nets for families, fumigation of the area, free medical check-up for women and children, provision of sanitary towel and hygiene education for women and young girls, pregnancy kits for pregnant women and relief materials and food item for women and children.

According to the Chief Environmental Officer of ACI, Mr. Alex Akhigbe, this first stage is to address the impact of flooding and dirty environment particularly on mothers and children. He said other intervention stages will focus on skill acquisition training for men and women due to gross unemployment in the area, vector control, evacuation of the clogged drainage and provision of pipe borne water, provision of conveniences, provision of health care facility and building of a school for the community. “Please, reach out to us and give the support you can. The community is eagerly looking forward to 23rd of September. Let us jointly make the day a memorable one for them. Support us with at least one thousand naira (N1000) through our 1K4OneNet Campaign,” he solicted.

All payment should be made in honour of African Clean Up Initiative: Zenith Bank 1015100635. You can reach us on: info.acinigeria@gmail.com  / 08021349281 / 08066682322